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EWG is situated in Edinburgh, Scotland. We are known as the “City Without Walls” because God has told us we will so grow that we would not be able to be contained in a single place but a church in many locations. We present the Word of God to people of all backgrounds, and races in an interesting, informative style that is applicable to today’s world. EWG is devoted to touching the lives of God’s people around the world – determined to EVANGELIZE, EDUCATE, ELEVATE, AND EMBRACE souls for the Kingdom. Welcome on Board…            

Apostle Justice Kwawu


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SLBI is "Spirit Life Bible Institute," an arm of the Embassy of the Word of God worldwide where believers are being trained into maturity through the gospel of Grace and the power of the Holy Spirit


Partner with us as we do the work of the ministry for we recognise that your partnership in prayers and your generous financial donations will make the work easier. Let God move on your heart to help

Meeting Place & Times

We meet at 2 Murrayburn House, Westside Plaza, Edinburgh, EH14 2SP

Wednesday: 7pm - 9pm
Sundays: 10am - 12noon


You can't grow beyond your food intake. The Spirit man feeds on the Word of God to grow. Connect to our messages and you will grow. Also remember to subscribe to our youtube channels and invite others.


I had an infection in one of my ears that just refused any form of treatment. It resulted in me not hearing at all from that ear. After service during the the month of divine healing, Pastor called all the workers to move towards him for a brief meeting. As I started to walk towards him, the ear that had been impaired just popped open instantly and I have come to return all the glory to God for healing me.
I want to thank God for bringing healing to my mum who was close to the grave but was rescued by God from the regions and the shadow of death

I wish to thank God for the life of the man of God. Since last month, He said God instructed him to lay hands on everybody during the services. So he did lay hands on us during most of those services. It was during that period I noticed a dramatic change in me. I noticed that a block in my mind had been lifted. This began to affect my academics and now all of a sudden I could understand my courses in University better than before. I noticed a tremendous change in me as I felt lighter and could receive. During the last impartation, as he laid hands on me, it felt like a shock of electric waves go through my head when earlier, I would just feel a heavy weight on me and I would go under the power. I give all the glory to God.
My menstrual cycle stopped flowing for some months now. This I found to be abnormal and sort medical help but could not get help. Before the impartation service, I came to church and realised one of my legs was so weak the moment I stepped into church. I knew something was definitely wrong with me. During the impartation service, I realised the weakness flew away. Then right after the service, I felt a heaviness in my stomach and abdomen. I felt like going to the toilet so I rushed in there. On getting there, I realised I have had a miracle. The menstrual flow was restored immediately. I return all the glory to God.