Hello Friend! You mean a lot to us and we know you did not chance on this website but it was by divine design. We would want you to consider partnering with us as we take the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Ends of the Earth. If you have made this decision, you will not regret it because your seed will speak for you where you can not reach yourself. Stay blessed. Shalom-Peace! and Life to you!

Who is a partner?

  • A partner is a person who shares responsibility in some common activity with another individual or group. 
  • A Vision Partner is someone who is committed to the vision of EWG and shares in this vision. 

Partnership to us is the relationship between people who support one another in the achievement of a common goal. By no means do we see partnership as a means through which to raise finances. Instead, it involves mutual exchange of faithfulness. 

Our Part:

  • We at EWG will actively pray on behalf of our Vision Partners daily 
  • Declare the blessing—the empowerment to prosper and to excel on you 
  • Minister to you monthly through a personal letter from us to you. 
  • Mail you a monthly newsletter/ministry magazine 

Your Part:

  • Connect to the anointing on this ministry so every Vision Partner can prosper spiritually, socially, mentally, physically, emotionally and financially 
  • Pray often for EWG 
  • Easy access to the ministry for spiritual counsel, divine counsel and prayer 
  • Actively support us financially with a monthly pledge, “not because I desire a gift but I desire fruit that may abound to your account” (Philippians 4:17) 

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Please download and print the Standing Order Mandate form to set up recurring payments.

Thank you 

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